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Our services for you:

We are working as well as for consultans who are looking for a qualified external research, now often known as sourcing, as for companies wanting to work with a professional partner to fill their vacancy quickly and efficiently.


One of our priorities is the international research in German and French speaking areas.


Personal Research


·         Personal briefing

Before starting to work we identify together your personal demands regarding the candidates. The detailed specifications will be recorded; this helps to clarify matters for both sides and avoids friction.


·         Definition of the search field

(inter-) national search (countries) – industries – position – companies


·         Identification of potential candidates

and initial contact of the candidates by phone


·         Pre-selection based on the briefing criteria


·         Forwarding the appropriate CV`s

to you as consultant or for example to the HR department of your company


·         Throughout the search process, you receive status reports according to your specifications (size, time intervals).


Online-based search


In an online-based search we create the inquiry anonymously and we also display your advertisement on the appropriated job markets. If you wish, even a first interview with potential candidates can be done and we only will send you the applications that match your search criteria according the briefing. This saves you time and conserves your resources in personnel management.

Kontakt / Contact:

european search and select

Tel.: +49 6349 939 22 80


Fax: +49 6349 939 22 87


Email: mail [at]

Martine Lampaert



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